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Monthly Purchase Habits

cheesy broccoli and brown rice in a white bowl

Rice is a staple in most households. Shoppers, however, purchase rice for different reasons and at different rates. This month, we dive into this shopper purchase behavior so retailers can make smarter decisions on how to promote more rice purchases and when to display rice to drive more effectiveness within this category. 

The average consumer buys 10 packages of rice a month. These purchases include dry rice, instant rice, flavored rice mixes and microwaveable rice. That’s the breakdown of purchases for your typical household.

The average foodie shopper indexes higher, purchasing 30% more rice per month. These increased purchases account for 35% more spending on rice in a given month.

When it comes to rice mixes, average shoppers buy around 1.2 units per month. There is a slight uptick in rice mix purchases when it comes to the more unique rice varieties like Basmati and Jasmine. For these types, the average shopper buys about 2 units per month while foodies pick up 50% more units per month.

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