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Rice Selection

asparagus rice and sweet pea casserole

How much room you have in your grain aisle depends on the footprint and size of your actual store. Most retailer rice sets fall within a range of four feet up to 24 feet.  While this may affect how much rice you can stock at any given time, the demographics of the average shopper in your store should drive the assortment and variety of rice you stock to satisfy those shopper needs.

If you tend to have a lot of foodies at your retail locations, be sure to carry a wider selection of the more aromatic and unique rice types like Jasmine or Basmati. Your offering should have 20 to 25% of those unique rice varieties with 20 to 25% of your set dedicated to traditional white rice. This leaves room for 10 to 15% of your offering to be rice mixes. 

If the majority of shoppers at your store don’t enjoy cooking as much, 70 to 80% of your rice facings should focus on easy, convenient offerings like instant rice, microwaveable rice and rice mixes. 

If you have a store that gets a good mix of different shopper demographics, then keep a healthy balance of 25% traditional white rice, 15% instant rice, and another 25% in rice mixes. Keep an eye on who your primary shoppers are for your store and use the remaining assortment space to stock rice that meets their needs.  

Finding just the right mix of what to stock for your shoppers can be tricky. For more information on how to optimize your store assortment and variety, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team here.