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Holiday Tips From Our Family to Yours

It’s the busiest time of the year, with holiday guests, menu planning and present shopping. While we can’t remind Aunt Barbara to bring the mashed potatoes or figure out what to get your best friend who has everything, we can make some things a little less stressful. 

Holiday Rice Recipes

Roasted Rice Stuffed Sugar Pumpkins

Roasted Rice Stuffed Sugar Pumpkins aka the sweetest way to dig into rice, with all the flavors of fall!

Roasted Rice Stuffed Squash

Rice Stuffed Squash is our new favorite take on a Thanksgiving side dish. It’s so good that it shouldn’t be reserved for just one meal per year!

Holiday Spiced Horchata

Holiday Spiced Horchata is made with rice — surprise! We love the holiday flavors of this drink.


The Sidekicks

Pick your protein and find a side that’s a perfect match. 

Ham with Cheesy Broccoli and brown rice

Ham. Have you tried Cheesy Broccoli and Brown Rice yet? The cheese is so good when ham is your main. 

Turkey with rice pilaf

Turkey. Ahh, a good Rice Pilaf is a classic, just like turkey on the table.

Pheasant with fall seasoned brown rice

Pheasant. With something as unique as pheasant, you need a unique side for pairing, like our Fall Seasoned Brown Rice with Dried Cherries, Almonds, Brie and Sage.

chicken with better-than-boston baked beans

Grilled Chicken. Baked beans are delicious with any kind of grilled meat, including chicken. Try this Better-Than-Boston Baked Beans recipe! 

Beef with creamy coconut curry rice

Beef. Get your sweet potatoes in with this Creamy Coconut Curry Rice — fabulous with a beef main.

Fish with Dixie sweet potatoes

Fish. Make something new to go along with a fresh catch: Dixie Sweet Potatoes.

Tofu with Asparagus, rice, and pea casserole

Tofu. Go full veggie! This Rice, Asparagus & Pea Salad is a hearty side at an all-vegetarian meal. 


Hosting Tips & Tricks

  • Check for dietary restrictions before planning your menu, that way everyone has something to eat. 
  • Worried about oven time? Work backwards from when you want the meal on the table to plan out cooking order. 
  • Snacks, and lots of them! A mix of cheeses, meats and nuts (plus crackers) looks gorgeous but is so simple to have out for guests.