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Make the Right Claim

mushroom rice bake

Last month, we explored the types of claims that shoppers are seeking when it comes to their purchasing behavior. This month, we’re taking a more “granular” approach on what claims shoppers are willing to pay for, depending on what type of rice they are buying.

Research has shown that not all rice claims are necessary, depending on the variety of rice being purchased. For retailers, that means there isn’t a “one size fits all” set of claims that shoppers are willing to pay more for. 

claims preference by rice types

You’ll notice that shoppers tend to care more about claims when it comes to more unique types of rice like Jasmine. They especially gravitate toward claims like gluten free and information about added vitamins and minerals. These preferred claims can be a great way to encourage more purchases of these aromatic rice varieties.

The research also sheds light on the fact that shoppers don’t tend to expect less as far as claims when they are purchasing regular white rice. They know it’s delicious and for those purchases, the claims take a back seat as far as importance. 

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland is making relevant product claims by variety, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team here.