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Food Service Rice

We have a full line up of rice products including:

  • Long Grain and Medium Grain “water polished” milled rice. This white rice has been through the complete milling process removing the hull, bran, and germ. 
  • Long Grain and Medium Grain Brown Rice. Only the hull has been removed from this “whole grain” rice, leaving the natural bran layer intact. 
  • Long Grain Parboiled Rice from Riceland is prepared in a unique process. While still in the husk, the rice is carefully cleaned, steeped in hot water at just the right temperature to uniformly hydrate the kernels, steam-cooked to gelatinize the starch in the grain, and slowly redried to lock the soluble starches in place inside the kernel. Finally, the husk and bran are polished away. The end result provides excellent cooked kernel integrity and holding characteristics perfect for foodservice applications.

Riceland’s development group keeps our foodservice customers on the leading edge of dynamic, new rice products including:

  • Flavored Rice Mixes (Long Grain & Wild, Garden Blend, Yellow, Spanish, Pilaf) made for the needs of foodservice operators
  • Whole Grain, Parboiled Brown Rice (cooks in only 25 minutes)
  • USA-Grown Aromatic Jasmine and Basmati Rice
  • Premixed Yellow Rice  
  • Gluten-free Rice Flour 

Riceland has a wide range of convenient packaging targeted for foodservice operations including:

  • Sizes range from 1 pound portion bags, 25 and 50 pound bags and cubes, to 100 pound bags.
  • Packages include polyweave bags, paper bags, polyfilm bags, 36-ounce cartons for flavored rice mixes, lined boxes “cubes”

Riceland’s Sales and Service groups have years of experience in the foodservice industry, and we all have a passion and commitment to help our customers succeed with the best products and service in the country. Please contact us for your foodservice rice needs.