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Ingredient Rice

Riceland Foods, Inc. is headquartered at Stuttgart, Arkansas, in the heart of the nation's leading rice-producing state. As the world's largest miller and marketer of rice, Riceland offers the finest rice products available, including:

Long Grain Brown Rice

Only the hull has been removed leaving the natural bran layer intact. This nutritious flavorful long grain rice is popular in health food stores and restaurants.

Long Grain Milled Rice

This long grain white rice has been through the complete milling process removing the hull, bran and germ. Riceland Extra Long Grain Rice is our top grade milled white rice with 4% maximum broken kernels.

Long Grain Parboiled Rice

Rice is soaked and steamed to gelatinize the starch. The hulls, bran and germ are then removed resulting in a highly stable rice ideal for further processing including precooking, canning and freezing. Riceland's Delta Star brand parboiled rice is a premium rice without the premium price.

Medium Grain Milled Rice

This medium grain milled rice has shorter, plumper kernels with the hull, bran and germ removed through the milling process.

Broken Grains

(A) Milled Secondhead Rice consists of approximately ½ kernel with hull, bran, and germ layers removed. It is commonly used by breweries and rice flour mills. (B) Milled Brewers Rice is approximately ¼ kernel with hull, bran, and germ layers removed. It is often used by pet food companies as well as breweries.


All whole-grain rice products, except Long Grain Brown Rice, are available in both natural and enriched forms. All can be shipped in 50- and 100-pound bags, 2,000-pound totes, as well as bulk rice by truck and railcar. Extensive packaging facilities are available if needed.

Advantages and Benefits of Purchasing Riceland Rice Products:

  • Versatile
  • Economical - usually less than 1.5 cents per serving
  • Healthy consumer image
  • Sodium free (on typical per-serving basis)
  • Easily stored
  • Compatible with flavor systems
  • Simple to incorporate into prepared products

Rice consumption in the U.S. has more than doubled in the last 10 years, and now stands at 26.5 pounds per capita because of the benefits mentioned above.

Riceland has an established history of working in confidence with many Top 100 food companies insuring that they receive the proper rice product for processing or end product, at a competitive price.

For free rice product samples and information about how rice might fit into your product development plans, please contact: Whitt Hartz, Food Ingredients Sales Manager, at whartz@riceland.com or call 870-673-5540.