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Retail Rice

You can rely on Riceland. 

Category buyers placing Riceland Rice in their stores feel confident with their choice.  Riceland is well known as a quality leader in the rice industry.   As the largest miller and marketer of rice in the United States, we have earned the Global SQF certification.  We have a full lineup of bag and carton capabilities providing Riceland brand and private brand rice products nationwide.  As a cooperative, we receive rice grown by our family farmers in the largest rice-growing region in the country.  Riceland farmers have been sustainably producing rice for decades. Riceland is encouraging our farmers to make continuous improvements with its membership in Field to Market.  Multiple milling, packaging and shipping points gives us the ability to provide reliable, efficient customer service.  

Contact Bill Smith at 1-855-RICE WAY (1-855-742-3929) or wesmith@riceland.com for information about getting Riceland products into your store.