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20/20 Vision on 2020 Trends

As a retailer, it’s important to know what trends are heating up in 2020 so you’re prepared and stocked for success. Trends are everywhere, but the key is tuning into the relevant ones for your category. Let’s dive into a few key trends that are shaping up for how consumers are buying and using rice. 

Sunday: a day of prep.* The Hartman Group has found that Gen Z is bringing back the idea of weekly meal prep. By planning ahead, this group is exploring new flavor adventures with a variety of recipes, sauces and toppings that they can enjoy with little effort throughout the week. The good news is that a large amount of these dishes utilize versatile grain bases like rice. Make sure you’re stocking plenty of 1- to 2-lb. rice packages in unique varieties to encourage more options this crowd can prep every week. 

Explore more.** We already know that rice is one of the most popular staples around the world, but Americans have just begun to scratch the surface when it comes to discovering new tastes and flavors from cultures around the world. Jook and Arroz Caldo are interesting rice porridges from Asia while Jollof is a West African, spicy tomato-based rice dish. Recipes like these are becoming more popular as foodies look to expand their palates and flex their culinary repertoire. To satisfy this renewed sense of culinary adventure, stock plenty of Jasmine and Long Grain rice in multiple sizes. 

Attain grains that sustain.† Sustainability isn’t just a passing fad. Consumers are now seeking out brands that are doing more than just reducing their impact, they want to buy from sources that proactively support the environment. For a while now, consumers have focused on getting proteins and produce that tout sustainability. As we roll through 2020 and beyond, they will be looking to their grains to embrace sustainability and care for the environment as well. 

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland can help you stay on top of relevant trends, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.

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