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Types of Rice

Wondering what Rice is best for your dish? The information below will be helpful. And remember - Riceland Rice does not need rinsing. To retain vitamins, do not rinse before or drain after cooking.

a pack of riceland brown long grain rice

Brown Rice

  • Nutritionious 100% whole grain product.
  • Only the outer hull has been removed.
  • Rice germ and bran layer remain on each kernel.
  • Slightly chewy texture with a nutty flavor when cooked.
a pack of riceland white long grain rice

Long Grain Rice

  • Remains separate and fluffy when cooked.
  • Bran layer removed during milling process.
  • Slender kernel with white color.
a bag of riceland gold long grain rice

Parboiled Rice

  • Rice undergoes a steam and pressure process, called parboil, to create separate kernels when cooked.
  • Golden color and firmer texture when cooked.
  • Golden color comes from bran layer being forced into the kernel during the parboil process.
  • It is not precooked; follow cooking directions on package.
  • Use in soups, entrees and any recipe where the kernels need to remain separate.
a bag of riceland white medium grain rice

Medium Grain Rice

  • Shorter, wider kernel than long grain rice.
  • Cooked grains are plump and tender, with greater tendency to cling Sticky Rice.
  • Use in desserts, pies, puddings and casseroles where a smooth texture and the ability to hold its shape is desired.
I need my rice to be soft and sticky.
Yes! I want the rice to stick together easily and be very soft and/or creamy. (i.e. sushi, risottos, puddings, etc.)
Maybe? I want rice that
isn't mush, but I also don't
want it to be firm.
No! I need my rice to stay slightly firm because it will cook for a long time or be in a liquid. (i.e. casseroles, soups, gumbo, crockpot, etc.)