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Cooking Oils

Riceland Cooking Oils

Riceland has a large number of specifications for bulk Edible oils. These are available for pick up or delivery in tank trucks and/or tank cars. Fully refined, bleached, and deodorized oils include Soybean Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Peanut Oil, Cottonseed oil, and Canola Oil. Many formulations are available, with or without additives. For more information on bulk oils, please contact our sales staff at 870-673-5203.
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One of the World's Healthiest Cooking Oils

Riceland Rice Bran Oil prides itself on delivering the best quality and healthiest cooking oil options. Riceland Rice Bran Oil contain vitamins and antioxidants. Each serving is trans-fat-free and cholesterol-free. Studies have shown that Riceland Rice Bran Oil can help lower cholesterol. It is also naturally gluten-free.
Fried Chicken using Riceland Frying Oil

Cooking Oil Applications

Riceland's edible oil refinery produces a wide range of oils. Specially formulated from Rice Bran Oil and produced in Stuttgart, Arkansas from rice and soybeans grown in Arkansas and Missouri by our family farmers.

Snack Foods


Specialty Applications

Fried Potato

Prepared Foods

Cooking Oil, Milk, and Flour



Salad Oil


Uses for our Products

Our story is our customer’s story, too. As the world’s largest miller of rice, our network delivers wholesome good products for your business’s growth.
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Good for the Land, Good Consumer Appeal

We care for both the rice and the land by utilizing the latest research and technology to assist growers with sustainable practices. And by putting care into everything we do, you get quality in everything we serve.
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Your Business Does Good for Farmers

With a co-op structure, our farmers are our owners. That means when you buy Riceland rice, you’re feeding more than just your consumers. You’re feeding more than 5,000 farmers and their families.
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The Allure of Locally Grown

Riceland is our land. Each grain is proudly grown by farmers in the rich soils of the United States. It’s then shipped to the heartland to be stored and milled at our locations in Missouri and Arkansas.

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