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PBH Rice Hulls

PBH Nature’s Media Amendment is a uniquely processed rice hull product from Riceland Foods, Inc. with multiple uses in the greenhouse and nursery environment.
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For greenhouse production, PBH Nature's Media Amendment is the perfect perlite replacement. In nursery stock, PBH is used as a container topdress to prevent airborne weed seeds from reaching the soil surface.
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Replaces Perilite

  • Lower basic cost than perlite
  • Creates optimum porosity, drainage and stability
  • Requires little or no adjustment to fertility and irrigation
  • Dramatically less dusty than perlite
  • About one-third few deliveries than perlite – 7 PBH truckloads versus 10 of perlite
  • Less freight, labor, storage and packaging
  • Natural color blends well with other media components
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Container Topdress

  • Topdressing with 1 to 2 inches dramatically improves weed control for just pennies per container
  • Significantly reduces hand-weeding labor and expense
  • Improves control of moss species such as liverwort
  • Reduces potential for drought stress and watering
  • Delivers economical, earth-friendly weed management
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Compressed Packaging

  • PBH Nature’s Media Amendment is available in your choice of compressed 50-pound or 30-cubic-foot bales.
  • Download packaging and mixing specifications below:
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Grower Reviews

Listen to what industry professionals have to say about our product.
Patrick Bellrose

Patrick Bellrose, PresidentFahr Greenhouses, Wildwood, MO

"We tried composted rice hulls several years back, but with poor results. Then I heard Dr. Evans from the University of Arkansas speak and decided to try the PBH product. I received a sample in 2005 and by May 2006 we were 100% PBH instead of perlite. Many things attracted me to it. Cost was one, but beyond that was root development and the total lack of Pythium — even in our Vinca crop.

We also like PBH because it is a natural product and we can promote its sustainability. Another real advantage is the lack of dust when mixing."

Hernie Rosado

Hernie Rosado, Production ManagerRidge Manor Nurseries, Madison, OH

"By topdressing with PBH at potting, we save time, reduce hand weeding and use less herbicide. Those are three big benefits for a nursery with thousands of containers in production. Topdressing with PBH has been a game-changer for our weed control program."

Tom Demaline

Tom Demaline, OwnerWilloway Nurseries, Avon, OH

“We topdress containers with PBH at potting to ensure season-long weed control and significantly reduce hand weeding. With increasing labor costs and unpredictable weather patterns, we were looking for just such a tool to supplement our herbicide program. We also use PBH in our mix to maintain porosity. It works two ways for us.”

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