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Brand Vs. Private Label

Private labels have always been a way for retailers to offer value as well as reinforce the quality of their brand and establish further loyalty. The grain aisle is no different.

Currently, rice brands still dominate the shelves as far as presence and sales performance. You will notice some private-label presence, but it has been a slower buildup compared to private label offerings across other food categories. For the time being, branded rice still makes up the majority of sales. 

There could be room for retail growth within private label as 41% of shoppers consider the quality of private label dry rice to be on par with branded rice. 

Here are some of the key data points that break down not only the varieties of private label rice that shoppers are buying, but also pinpoints where they are purchasing their rice. 

To learn more about the results of this study and find out more about how you can partner with Riceland Rice for your private label opportunities, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team