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Meet Kyle Griffin!

Meet Kyle Griffin, Soy Processing Manager at Riceland Soy Division!

Before joining the Riceland team in 2002, Kyle worked in production agriculture. He started at the Soy Division as a boiler operator. He quickly moved up to an extractor operator.

As Kyle learned continued at Riceland, he moved into a supervisor position which led to a management position.

“Everything we touch out here goes to all corners of the world,” Griffin said when asked about the significance of helping farmers feed the world. He went on to say without farmers, we wouldn’t have food.

“We have to have farmers to feed the world, but we also have to do our part at Riceland in order to get our product out to the world,” he said.

Coming from the farm, Kyle said he was overwhelmed by the sheer size of Riceland when he started, saying, “I had never seen anything like it before.” When asked if he has any advice for others looking to enter the workforce, he said hard work, having an open mind, and saying yes to learning opportunities have helped further his career.

Along with helping feed the world, Kyle credits his team members as the most enjoyable part of his job. Kyle loves interacting and training new employees, “I love sharing the knowledge that I have gained in my time at Riceland.”

Riceland is comprised of 1,500 employees across 30locations. We are so thankful for employees like Kyle that allow us to fulfill our #OneRiceland mission!