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Ricelander Spotlight: Meet Frank Lopez!

Meet Frank Lopez, Assistant Manager for our Jonesboro Co-Products Division!

Frank began his Riceland journey in 1979 – with a brief intermission – for a total of 42 years!

He worked in construction for only two days before moving to General Labor night shift for six months. He went from forklift driver to operator, maintenance, and warehouse supervisor, then up to his current position as Assistant Manager. As Assistant Manager, Frank is responsible for ensuring his team meets deadlines efficiently. 

“Riceland is a great place to start a career. You can start in one place here, and it’s up to you where you go from there,” he says of his career trajectory.  

When asked how he would describe co-products, Frank says, “I like to say that we are the ‘end.’ Co-products come in when everything else of value has been removed. We use everything from the grain - rice hulls, for example. This product might be used in greenhouses or chicken houses.”

Over the years, Frank has seen the company grow and evolve. Not only have Riceland's facilities changed, but he has also seen the equipment change. Frank notes, “Today, more machinery is available to reduce manual labor requirements. As processes become more automated, the skills required from workers are evolving.”

When asked why he has stayed committed to Riceland, he says,“I love working with our farmers that come in. They bring the product in, we process it, and put it on grocery store shelves worldwide.”

Frank has worked in several different departments and has been able to receive paid training opportunities. “I have worked in a couple of different areas and have always received the training needed to be successful.”

Discussing continued training opportunities, Frank says, “Safety is huge. We have monthly safety classes.”

When asked about the dynamic between his coworkers, Frank explained, “We come in and work hard; I’ve met many great people over the years. It’s like a family out here.

Frank enjoys spending time with his daughter and seven grandchildren at the lake or cooking out when he's not at work.

We are so thankful for dedicated employees like Frank for living out our#OneRiceland mission!