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Ricelander Spotlight - Mitch Mayville

Meet the people behind the scenes doing great work at Riceland. Our employees are the heart of our organization, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

When you travel into Stuttgart, Arkansas, one of the first things you see is a skyline view. What most people don’t realize is Riceland’s Soy Division makes up a major part of the skyline view, giving off big city views from miles away. The Soy Division takes soybeans and rice bran from across all Riceland receiving locations to create different products for customers and consumers around the United States. 

Stuttgart Soy Division is a unique operation with complicated processes ranging from soybean crushing and hot dehulling to solvent extraction, oil neutralization, bleaching, and deodorization with various steps, equipment, pumps, mixers, and flow agents involved along every step. At the beginning stages of production for either meal or oil, it all starts with processing soybeans. With over twenty plus years in the field and understanding every pump, line, and piece of equipment like the back of his hand there is a man who is an expert in this field and vital to the safe operations and day-to-day success of the division. 

At the center of our soy processing plant is our Manager of Soy Processing Operations Mitch Mayville. Mitch has served Riceland for 20 years, and he is one of the most beloved managers within our cooperative. 

Micth Mayville being awarded

Mitch is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of multiple departments ensuring optimal efficiencies of the various plants, developing and training employees, and engaging with operational upsets all within a timely manner. With his vast knowledge of the processes, he flawlessly discusses and manages the operations. He is highly dedicated, going above and beyond to create success in his areas of leadership.  

Mitch is well liked, respected, and looked up to as a leader by his peers and teammates. 

“He's one of the humblest managers I’ve ever worked for,” Michael Broadnax, Prep 3rd OP, said. “He puts family first, and he’s a man of his word. You can approach him about anything.” 

Eager to teach, develop, and mentor the people he works with, Mitch’s character and personality brings tools to Riceland and the Soy Division to better everyone. 

“Mitch enjoys teaching and sharing his experiences with Riceland. He’s always eager to get out the dry erase board and simplify by diagramming detailed processing details,” Charlie Brown, Stuttgart Soy Division Manager, said. 

“He will break out the markers for anyone who is remotely curious about any of the operations so he can share his knowledge with anyone and everyone,” Jeffery Ritter, RITO Shift Supervisor, said.

Mitch is not afraid to do what needs to be done, even staying late ensuring the plants get back online. 

“He stays late too many nights making sure everyone is safe and that the plants run well,” Randy Ball, Prep Operator, said. “He is a hard worker, fair to everyone, and is a great guy to work for.” 

His dedication, perseverance, initiative, character and work ethic drive him on a day-to-day basis to be the best manager, leader, employee and person he can each and every day. Showing deeds and character traits of the Grow Good Award exemplifies his positive attitude and excellent representation of Riceland’s managers.  

Mitch is Riceland’s 2022 Grow Good Award Manager of the Year. Nominated by one of his peers, Mitch represented the Stuttgart Soy Division as its finalist for the award. He was announced the winner of Manager of the Year at the Riceland Annual Meeting in November. 

“Growing for Good” is a mantra we strive to attain each day, and the Grow Good Award is the standard of excellence we hold for our team members. This prestigious award is given to the team members that go above and beyond. They have an outstanding work ethic, always take time to help others, maintain a positive attitude, represent Riceland well inside and outside the workplace and just add good to everything they do. 

“A manager who is willing to go to great lengths to benefit the company, division, its employees, and the overall operations is a deserving employee. Mitch deserves this award because he does all this and much more,” Joshua Lightsey, Director of Soy Processing Operations said. “He ‘adds good’ to everything he does on a daily basis because his work ethic demands it of him. He doesn't allow stress to overwhelm him and keeps putting one foot in front of the other despite the situation or hardship. He leads his team for the betterment of the division and for Riceland.”