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From the Riceland Kitchen: Rice Bran Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Riceland works hard to make sure every part of the rice kernel is put to good use. Most of us are familiar with the white rice we enjoy at mealtime. Did you know the layer of bran that is removed to make white rice contains almost 20 percent rice bran oil?

How is it made?

rice anatomy

We start with rice grown by family farmers in Arkansas and Missouri. The inedible outer hull of the rice kernel is removed, leaving whole grain brown rice. Further milling removes the bran layer. Extracting oil from the bran takes place in our oil refinery in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Riceland is the largest commercial producer of rice bran oil in the United States.

RBO Case

Riceland Rice Bran Oil contains natural plant waxes that remain in the oil after minimal processing. This gives the oil a slightly cloudy appearance. The waxes are not harmful when consumed and do not alter the oil in any way.

Riceland Rice Bran Oil is an excellent oil for frying.  It has a high smoke point of 490 degrees, which allows the oil to get hotter without burning for crispier food with less oil absorption.

RBO in Wok Cooking
Photo courtesy of Sheila Reese of Born 2 Cook Inspired

Rice bran oil can be used for much more than frying.  It is neutral in flavor, allowing you to taste the food and not the oil. It’s perfect for cooking on the grill or in a screaming hot wok.

Its mild flavor makes it ideal for baking, sautéing and making vinaigrettes.

RBO Muffins
Photo courtesy of Sheila Reese of Born 2 Cook Inspired

Rice bran oil has health benefits. It contains oryzanol, an antioxidant to help lower cholesterol and vitamin E to combat aging. It’s gluten-free, cholesterol free, and it has 0 grams of trans fat per serving.   

Riceland Rice Bran Oil.  Truly an American product from start to finish.

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