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The Importance of Product Claims in the Rice Category

golden rice plant

In today’s rice landscape, product claims - from protein-enriched to GMO free - can vary significantly. As consumer demands continue to evolve, which claims are actually important to your shoppers? In a national survey of 2,400 rice buyers, Riceland asked consumers how specific product claims drove purchase intent, specifically around health and sustainability.

Health and Nutrition Claims Consumers Seek

While some consumer segments are more diet conscious than others, some health product claims are important to a wide range of rice shoppers. For example, ‘Good Source of Fiber’ and ‘Whole Grain’ are two of the most impactful health claims and are important for almost every rice occasion. Among the ‘Low in…’ claims, ‘Low in Cholesterol,’ ‘Low in Fat’ and ‘Low in Sugar’ are all equally important to consumers, especially the Culturally Engaged Foodie and Sophisticated Foodie segments. Shoppers who look to rice for convenience are less concerned with health claims as they are more focused on preparation method and cook time.

top 5 most important health claims (Good Source of Fiber, Whole Grain, Low in Cholesterol, Low in Fat and Low in Sugar)

Importance of Sustainability Claims

In addition to health-focused product claims, consumers also make their purchasing decisions based on how and where the rice was grown. Many shoppers want to know their rice is grown without added chemicals with over half of consumers saying that ‘Natural’ claims drive their purchase decision. It is also important for shoppers to know the rice they purchase is a product of the USA and harvested by independent US family farmers, especially among “foodie” shoppers. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Organic’ and ‘GMO Free’ claims are not important to all shoppers. In fact, Culturally Engaged Foodies and Sophisticated Foodies are the only consumer segments that say these claims are significant to them.

top 5 most important sustainability claims (Natural, Pesticide Free, Product of USA, GMO Free, Harvested by Independent US Family Farmers)

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