California Transparency in Supply Chain Act


Riceland Foods is a cooperative of 5500 family farmer members. We believe everyone involved with our business and touched by our business should receive fair treatment. Our goal is to respect human rights in the workplace and to follow all federal and state regulations regarding labor.

Verification of Supply Chain

Riceland Foods requires all vendors to confirm that they follow applicable U.S. federal and state laws regarding labor and conditions of employment. We prohibit the use of prison, slave, bonded, forced and indentured labor and human trafficking by any vendor or supplier.

The following areas are included, but not limited to: child labor, forced labor (including slavery and human trafficking), migrant labor, abuse, harassment, disciplinary action, fair and equal treatment, non-discrimination, compensation, benefits, working hours, freedom of association and collective bargaining, health and safety, environmental and ethical business practices.

Audit of Riceland and it Vendors

Riceland Foods undergoes biannual third-party social responsibility audits conducted by SEDEX according to the SMETA 4 Pillars code. These independent audits by SEDEX reaffirm our goal to uphold all social responsibility laws and regulations regarding labor and conditions of employment and safety at the U.S. federal and state level.

Certification of Vendors

All Riceland Foods vendors are expected to comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding labor and conditions of employment in the areas mentioned above in item one.

Internal Accountability

Riceland Foods only sources its long grain rice from USA family farmers. We strive to source long grain rice only from USA family farmers who comply with U.S. federal and state labor laws and have signed appropriate contracts and/or marketing agreements with Riceland.


Riceland provides training and tools to its workforce to reinforce its commitment to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer who respects the rights, dignity, and equality of its workforce. Riceland has an open door Human Resources policy, and Riceland provides an anonymous reporting hotline which monitored by senior management where employees may report any violation of employee rights, dignity, and equality, including violations of U.S. federal and state labor laws, rules, and regulations including child labor, minimum wage laws, overtime laws, and many other conditions of employment.