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Quality & Storage

What is the shelf life of uncooked Riceland® Extra Long Grain Rice?

White rice products have nearly indefinite shelf lives. If stored properly (see question #7 below) and protected from infestation and extreme temperature fluctuations, white rice products may be maintained for long periods of time.

What is the shelf life of uncooked Riceland® Brown Rice?

Since brown rice has a higher oil content than white rice, its shelf life is not as long. Refrigerated storage is recommended for brown rice.

What is the shelf life of uncooked Riceland® Rice Mixes?

For taste and quality, the Riceland® rice mixes have a limited shelf life. Spices do not maintain their freshness for long periods of time, therefore it is recommended to use the rice mixes shortly after purchasing, but within one year from the production code date.

Why don't you have an expiration date on Riceland® Rice products?

It is possible for products to develop problems when out of our control, varying conditions can affect individual products differently. (Also, See Question #1)

What is the best way to store uncooked Riceland® Extra Long Grain rice?

For best results, place the product in a sealed container and store in a cool, dry place. Uncooked white rice may also be stored in a pantry, refrigerator, or freezer.

How long can I store cooked Riceland® Rice in the refrigerator? Freezer?

Cooked rice can be refrigerated for up to six days, or stored in the freezer for six months.

What are green kernels in Riceland® Brown Rice?

These are immature kernels of rice, and have the same nutritional value as mature grains.