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Meet Our Farmers

Meet the Boothe Brothers!

Brothers Jeff and Terry Boothe are not conventional multi-generational farmers. Growing mostly medium-grain rice in Lawrence County, the Boothes have leveraged on-farm storage to get the most out of their crop.

The Boothe brothers were not unfamiliar with agriculture, their grandparents farmed but their parents did not. Drawn to agriculture, Jeff grew up working for a local farmer and decided that is how he wanted to build a career. He took out an FHA loan and started farming. His brother Terry joined him a few years later.

When deciding to grow medium-grain rice, Jeff highlights the premium offered for this variety. Harvesting and storing medium-grain is more time- and equipment-intensive than traditional long-grain varieties. “We have to have good fans on our bins to dry the grain. Companies are very particular about grading medium-grain rice,” Jeff explains.

When asked about advice they have received over the years, they discussed the value of the Cooperative Extension Service as well as their neighbors. Jeff said, “All our neighbors probably know more than us. We’re just lucky and follow the trends.”

Every year in agriculture brings challenges as well as excitement. Terry credits his nephew, Adam, for his continued involvement in agriculture. Jeff Boothe says, “You do it for the love of it. You don’t do it for the money. There are a lot of expenses and risks involved with agriculture.”

Adam has been instrumental in the evolution of Boothe Farms. The majority of their land is now zero-grade, with a heavy focus on water conservation and sustainability. Additionally, they have implemented tailwater recovery systems.

“We are so grateful for this lifestyle. God has blessed us to be successful and enjoy our jobs,” Terry expressed.

We are thankful for our farmer-members like Terry, Jeff, and Adam, who have contributed to Riceland’s success for over 100 years!