Rice Dish Variety

Now that there is a clearer picture of how much and how many times diners are eating rice when they go out, it’s time to get a better look into the types of dishes diners desire.  We know that 75% of diners eat a rice dish out at least once a month. Let’s break down what these hungry people are ordering up. Diners that eat rice dishes several times a month tend to order the following types of rice dishes: * Meat/Protein on a bed of rice * A side of rice * Rice Bowl featured
This presents an opportunity to create and tailor your menus to satisfy these diners and encourage more dining frequency. Of diners that eat out once a month or more, 60% of them choose these dishes for dinner occasions, which could be helpful when planning your menu offerings and specials by daypart.  Rice diners that tend to eat rice dishes once a month or less, typically like to keep it simple, ordering up meals that are a meat or protein on a bed of rice or rice as a side dish. featured
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