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The Importance of Rice Product Claims

In today’s foodservice landscape, ingredient claims - from low in calories to GMO free - can vary significantly. As consumer demands continue to evolve, which claims are actually important to your diners? In a national survey of 3,000 rice diners, Riceland asked consumers how specific product claims drove dining decisions, specifically around health and sustainability.

Health and Nutrition Claims Consumers Seek

While some diners are more diet conscious than others, some health product claims are important to a wide range of rice shoppers. For example, ‘Good Source of Fiber’ and ‘Protein-Enriched’ are two of the most impactful health claims and are important for almost every rice dining occasion. Among the ‘Low in…’ claims, ‘Low in Sugar,’ ‘Low in Fat’ and ‘Low in Cholesterol’ are all equally important to consumers, especially diners looking for health with great taste and fresh and nutritious meals. Diners who look to rice for convenience and indulgence are less concerned with health claims as they are more focused on meals that satisfy their cravings and can be eaten quickly.

5 most important health claims

Importance of Sustainability Claims

In addition to health-focused product claims, consumers also make their dining decisions based on how and where the ingredients used were prepared. Many diners want to know that their rice is grown naturally with nearly half of consumers saying that ‘Natural’ claims drive their dining decision. Contrary to popular belief, ‘Organic’ and ‘GMO Free’ claims are not important to all diners. In fact, Trend Seeking Foodies and Millennial Families are the only consumer segments that say these claims are significant to them.

top 5 most important sustainability claims

As you take inventory on the claims of the ingredients on your menu, it’s important to remember that different claims resonate with different diners. While some shoppers will pay more for dishes that include health and sustainability claims, other shoppers are more focused on a quick, convenient meal.

To learn more about rice claims and how Riceland can help you optimize the rice dishes on your menu, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.