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Planting Update with Mark Holt, VP of Sales and Marketing

Planting season is here!  

We sat down with Mark Holt, VP of Sales and Marketing to understand what this means on the farm level and beyond.  

Intended Planting

“We are off to a slow start to the planting season,” Holt explains, “We are not overly concerned, recent dry weather has allowed for a solid planting window.” Our team will continue monitoring planting progress to update potential product availability and plan accordingly.  

The USDA recently released intended planting numbers, anticipating a total crop (long- and medium-grain) of about 1.3 million acres planted. Although this is an increase from last year, it is historically smaller than a “normal” crop year.  

Market Update

Market prices are staying fairly strong and are not increasing like earlier this year. “We are in this kind of wait and see mode right now,” Holt says. There is about a month left of rice planting season. The big question is if growers will be able to get all intended acres in the ground, or if some acres will be sacrificed to corn and soybeans.  

Private Label Jasmine

“We’re really excited about this product,” Holt says. This US grown Jasmine has been well received by consumers. The cooking attributes and sustainability claims help this product stand out on the shelf.  

If you are interested in exploring what a private label US grown Jasmine offering could be, Riceland is prepared to help you reach that goal.  Contact your Riceland sales representative today.