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Understand Demand

Like the channels on our TV, when it comes to what diners are craving, there are a ton of different options out there. As they’re “flipping” through their food choices, make sure that you’re offering the kinds of dishes they want at the price point and level of quality they expect. To gain a better understanding of these diners and make sure you’re in tune to the experiences they are seeking, this month we take a look into the factors that they use to decide what sounds good. Quick Service Restaurants or QSR have historically been all about convenience and price. And no surprise here, they still are. In fact, 68% of diners say that QSR should offer good meals at a great value. Diners still want quality, but for this channel, they’re looking out for their wallets, not Michelin stars. When we dive a little deeper into the Fast Casual channel, there are a few more moving parts when it comes to the dining experience. It becomes a little more than just price.

For a Fast Casual concept, diners are looking for experiences that are a little more unique that breaks them out of their daily routine. These offerings need to be affordable enough for diners to visit at least a couple times a month. Within this channel, 60% of diners hit these spots looking for bold rice dishes they can’t find elsewhere. When it comes to Casual Dining, a lot of the traditional options aren’t always top of mind when it comes to rice dishes. That said, most diners seek out their local ethnic restaurants as a Casual Dining channel when they want consistent quality and those oh-so-craveable bold and unique flavors. Who doesn’t love their neighborhood Chinese or Indian joint? To find out more about what drives diners to choose different channels and what they expect from those channels, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.