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Getting to Know Rice Consumers

Whether you cook rice to showcase your cultural heritage or you only know how to prepare a few recipes and use rice for a quick meal solution, each rice consumer has their own unique buying and consumption habits.

To better understand these rice shoppers, Riceland Foods invested in a national survey, comprising of 2,400 rice buyers. The survey aimed to capture a broad range of topics from lifestyle and rice category motivations and attitudes to channel behavior and basic demographics.

The Six Consumer Segments

From the survey results emerged six segments of rice shoppers, each showing different patterns for how they view and consume rice.

  • Culturally Engaged Foodies - Diverse, experienced home chefs who love to cook and tap into their cultural heritage when preparing bold and sophisticated meals
  • Sophisticated Foodies - Middle-aged “foodies” who enjoy cooking and are motivated by innovation, adventure and creativity
  • Uninformed Newbies - Millennials who only have a few meals they know how to prepare and prefer to purchase quick, single serve rice 
  • Frugal Shoppers - Younger shoppers who cook out of need and have to watch money carefully to make ends meet
  • Kitchen Avoiders - Older caucasian females who hate to cook and are unadventurous in their food choices
  • Traditional Boomers - Meal planners who love to cook from scratch and can quickly put together a satisfying meal

How the Segments Spend in the Rice Category

To better understand how much each segment is worth in terms of category spend, we compared each segment’s share of population against their share of spend in the category. As a result, we found that the Culturally Engaged Foodies and Sophisticated Foodies spent proportionally more in the category than the Kitchen Avoiders and Traditional Boomers, as outlined on the charts below.

Graph of Six Consumer Segments

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland is helping foodservice customers align their rice products to meet diner needs, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.