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Getting to Know Rice Diners

Whether you’re seeking a restaurant with the latest food trends or ordering the same dish at the same place you always go to, each rice diner has their own unique restaurant selection and dish consumption habits.

To better understand these rice shoppers, Riceland Foods invested in a national survey, comprising of 3,000 diners who buy rice. The survey aimed to capture a broad range of topics from lifestyle and rice category motivations and attitudes to palate preferences to basic demographics.

The Five Foodservice Consumer Segments

From the survey results emerged five segments of rice shoppers, each showing different patterns for how they view and consume rice.

  • Authentic Experimenters - True food lovers looking for new or unique restaurants and dishes
  • Trend Seeking Foodies - Image-conscious consumers who are drawn to the latest trends
  • Millennial Families - Young families trying to balance staying on top of food trends and the realities of being a parent
  • Infrequent Treaters - Diners who have to watch money carefully to make ends meet and who choose traditional flavors
  • Routine Traditionalists - Older consumers who tend to order the same thing at the same place

How the Segments Spend in the Rice Category

To better understand how much each segment is worth in terms of category spend, we compared each segment’s share of population against their share of spend in the category. As a result, we found the Trend Seeking Foodies, Authentic Experimenters and Millennial Families spent proportionally more when dining out than the Infrequent Treaters and Routine Traditionalists, as outlined on the charts below.

Graph of Segments Spend in the Rice Category

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland is helping foodservice customers align their rice products to meet diner needs, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.