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How Different Diners Consume Rice

As we know, not all diners are alike. Some order the same rice dishes once a week while others can go months without ever eating a meal that contains rice. Certain diners favor ordering rice at fast casual chains while others prefer to order their rice dish at an in-store grocery restaurant. To better understand the consumption patterns among diners, Riceland conducted a survey of 3,000 diners who buy rice to learn how frequently different consumers order rice dishes and the type of establishment they prefer to order these dishes at.

Rice Consumption Per Segment

In general, Trend Seeking Foodies and Authentic Experimenters eat rice while dining out the most frequently with almost three quarters of those segments dining out 4 or more times a month. Unsurprisingly, Infrequent Treaters eat rice while dining out the least often with nearly half of the segment only dining out 2 times a month.

Among the five consumer segments, Trend Seeking Foodies and Millennial Families have seen the most growth in rice consumption, indicating ordering more rice when eating out than a year ago at a higher percentage than the average diner. On the other end of the spectrum, Infrequent Treaters and Routine Traditionalists are both consuming less rice than a year ago in comparison to the average diner. 

Where Are Consumers Ordering Rice Dishes?

When asked which type of restaurant or store they have ordered food that contained rice as either the entree, side or an ingredient, casual dining chains and local ethnic restaurants were the most common among the entire population. However, those preferences change when looking at the specific segments. 

Among Millennial Families, casual dining chains, fast food chains and fast casual chains are the most common due to their convenience and kid-friendly menu. Trend Seeking Foodies and Authentic Experimenters dine out more frequently than the average diner at every type of establishment with the exception of fast food chains while Routine Traditionalists fall below the average in every single category. Infrequent Treaters dip below the average diner in every type of restaurant with the exception of local ethnic restaurants.

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