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How Different Shoppers Consume Rice

As we know, not all rice shoppers are alike. Some consumers purchase rice once a week while others can go months without purchasing a bag of rice. Certain shoppers favor more standard rice varieties, like white and brown rice, while others are more adventurous and are more likely to purchase Spanish or black rice. To better understand the consumption patterns among shoppers, Riceland conducted a survey of 2,400 rice shoppers to learn how frequently different consumers purchase rice and what varieties of rice they favor.

Rice Consumption Per Segment

Among the six consumer segments, Culturally Engaged Foodies and Sophisticated Foodies consumed the most rice, purchasing about 9 rice products per month, 30% more than the average rice shopper. On the other end of the spectrum, the Kitchen Avoiders and Traditional Boomers purchase the least rice around 4 rice products per month.

A table of Consumption of Rice per month

Rice Purchases by Variety

In addition to variances in the amount of rice purchased each month, shoppers differ significantly in the types of rice they purchase each month. White and brown rice remain the most popular varieties among all consumer segments; however, some shoppers are more likely to try other rice types than others. The Culturally Engaged Foodies and Sophisticated Foodies are the most adventurous among the consumer segments, over indexing significantly on jasmine, red and basmati rice. Despite being less informed than the “foodie” segments in the kitchen, Uninformed Newbies are the third most adventurous segment, over indexing in their monthly purchases of black and arborio rice. On the other end of the spectrum, Kitchen Avoiders and Traditional Boomers are the least likely to purchase rice varieties outside of regular white rice.

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