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RMA Convention Wrap Up

This year marks the 123rd USA Rice Millers’ Association (RMA) convention. The RMA Convention provides a forum to strengthen business ties and pursue new contacts. It brings together representatives from rice milling companies and associated businesses from the United States and abroad.

Mark Holt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, had the opportunity to attend this event. He reflects on the convention saying, “Several of the major millers and marketers of rice were able to get together at the recent Rice Millers’ Convention.

Several customers were in attendance for the annual conference, which allowed our industry to continue collaborating with customers on positioning the industry for success in the future.

Key discussion points were centered around sustainability, as well as emerging seed technology. There was a robust discussion on the importance of our domestic market and the continual need to invest in that market.

We were able to come away from the convention with new perspectives on certain topics and also a renewed sense of purpose within our industry.”