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Understanding When Consumers Eat Rice

While it’s easy to measure which rice products shoppers are investing it, it’s difficult to know the benefits consumers are seeking. A consumer may be purchasing rice because it’s part of their weekly meal plan, or buying rice to recreate a recipe passed down through generations. To learn about the different occasions for consuming rice, Riceland Foods invested in a national survey, comprising of 2,400 rice buyers. In addition to providing insights into specific consumer segments, the survey asked questions around the benefits consumers seek when purchasing rice and the times during their week they’re preparing rice.

Consumer Need States at a Glance

The survey found most rice buyers prepare rice for one of six different occasions, informing the benefits they seek from rice, their preparation method and even the group size they’re serving.

  • Comfortable Indulgence - An indulgent meal with family and friends
  • Quick & Flavorful - A causal meal at home that is bold and uses distinctive flavors
  • Versatility - Can be prepared for nearly any meal, any day of the week
  • Healthy & Sustainable Eating Adventures - Healthy, sustainable and tastes good
  • Convenience Craving - Quick, easy and available while satisfying flavor craving
  • Easy Routine - Quick, simple and readily available as part of their everyday routine

Impact Needs States Have on Rice Purchasing

Although specific need states happen more frequently than others, those need states are not always the most valuable. In fact, the share of need states oftentimes does not equal the share of spend in the rice category. Occasions that focus on  versatility and healthy & sustainable eating adventures are 10% more valuable whereas occasions that focus on  convenience cravings and easy routine are 15% less valuable.

Graph showing share of spend and share of population

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland is using need states to help customers meet consumer needs, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.