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Which Claims Mean The Most To Consumers?

As shoppers cruise down the rice aisle, they have a large and ever-growing selection of products to choose from. This makes the rice claims on the package a very important part of the shopping and purchase equation.  A Riceland study of 3,000 rice shoppers reveals the types of claims that resonate most with consumers by demographic group and channel. 

Check out how shoppers rank rice claims to make sure the right claims appear on your shelf to satisfy the changing needs of your shoppers and drive overall category growth. 

Graph of Shopper importance of rice claims

Foodies tend to be more interested in knowing the origin and processes involved in producing their rice, which makes them 50% more likely to purchase rice grown from U.S. family farmers or farms dedicated to sustainable farming practices. 

For price-conscious shoppers, the key nutritional benefits are important. They prefer access to rice with added vitamins and minerals but also like purchasing rice from U.S. family farmers. 

Older consumers aren’t swayed by the claims on rice packaging. They tend to simply purchase what has performed best for them in their recipes. 

To learn more about the results of this study and how Riceland is helping customers utilize insights and trends to optimize their product assortment to satisfy shopper needs, contact your Riceland sales representative or reach out to our sales team.