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This Segment Grains Supreme

Over the last year, Riceland has given you a warm introduction to the types of consumers who purchase rice.  When you understand these segments better, you can use these helpful insights and behaviors to make sure you’re stocking your shelves to provide them with the best rice-buying experience possible. And you’re really going to want to know more about the Culturally Engaged Foodies because they spend the most on rice, accounting for 25% of the category. 

Authenticity is key. One in every two consumers agree that cultural heritage plays a part in the food they eat.  Four out of five Culturally Engaged Foodies are into exploring other cultures’ cuisines. Given the fact that rice is one of the most popular grains, found as a staple in almost every culture, it’s the perfect canvas for trying new international dishes. Because they crave authenticity in their cooking, they tend to avoid convenience products like boil-in-bag and microwave options, though they will occasionally use instant rice, if needed. 

This group as a whole tends to shop at multiple stores. They will use traditional grocers, but they also like natural grocers and ethnically focused grocers. Again, that authentic experience is what they are seeking out. 

Keep this high-value rice shopper within your stores by providing the brands they love and offering a strong variety of rice types. To encourage exploration of the category by providing inspiring recipes from around the world, contact your Riceland Sales Representative or reach out to our sales team.