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Foodie Resolutions for 2023

Add interest to the kitchen this year with our list of 10 resolutions designed with foodies in mind!

Learn a new cuisine or start simple by implementing new ingredients. Create goals for the whole family from growing your own herbs to mastering homemade pasta!

10 New Year Foodie Resolutions

1. Take a Cooking Class

a cook slicing a pepper

If you are passionate about food, there is great value in learning how to prepare it! Further your kitchen skillset with a general cooking class or learn a new cuisine this year.

Not only is a cooking class a great resolution, purchasing a cooking class could be the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.

2. Fight Food Waste

green vegetables

Stop food waste at home with these few tips:

  • Stop overbuying – Keep track of what you are buying and using
  • Check the use-by dates of fresh food – Only buy what you can use before that date
  • Love your freezer – Plan a day to batch-cook and freeze for quick weeknight dinners!

Incorporating leftover recipes is a great way to reduce food waste. Check out this Leftover skillet nachos _____.

3. Start a New Meal Tradition


Kitchen traditions are nothing new – use the new year as an opportunity to start a new-to-you meal tradition!

This could range from Taco Tuesdays, Meatless Mondays, or trying a new restaurant every month.

4. Expand your kitchen skillset

homemade pasta

Looking to grow your culinary skillset? Get started with these!

  • Try your hand at homemade pasta – good things DO take time
  • Start making sourdough – what better way to impress at your next dinner party?
  • Churn your own butter – take your butter board to the next level!

5. Experiment with new ingredients

Middle Eastern cuisine

New year, new flavor profiles! Bring fresh flavors to your family gatherings by branching out. If you are intrigued by Middle Eastern cuisine, give Mujadara a try. This hearty vegan dish is a staple for Fufu’s Kitchen!

Dipping your toes into new ingredients? Add some spice to the new year with these Smoked Shredded Pork Stuffed Poblanos.

6. Grow your own

herb garden

Our farmer members feed the world on a commercial scale; we can get involved on a much smaller scale!

A simple herb garden is a way to involve the whole family and elevate your meals! Herbs are a great way to start your food growing journey and can even be done indoors.

7. Get the Family Involved

a child helping her mother in the kitchen

Start the new year with new chefs! Grab the attention of the whole family by making meal planning a group activity. Take turns letting different family members pick new recipes to try!

Looking for something more hands-on? Get the kids involved with these kid-friendly recipes.

8. Eat the Rainbow

paper bag full of carrots, eggplant, celery, and onion

Take the opportunity at each meal to incorporate a different colored fruit or vegetable. Not only will this make your plate more appealing, it also ensures a nutritious meal with wholesome foods.

9. Meals with a Twist

pasta ingredients

Stuck in a food rut? Think about five recipes in your meal rotation that could use a refresh.

Incorporate a new sauce or different side to these meals to keep interest with the whole family!

10. Start a Cooking Challenge

bread making

Feeling inspired from this list? Set a goal sheet! Write down ten recipes to try throughout the year with target dates. Work your way through the list and become a master at new cuisines or techniques!